Friday, August 29, 2008

A very old bridge.

3.7 miles in 29:43 (8:01 per mile)

I really enjoy running at night in Rome. The city is cooler, the lights are beautiful and there are fewer cars and people on the streets to block my way. I did a zig-zag out and back over the bridges, beginning with Ponte Garibaldi and traveling north to Pont St. Angelo. The race is in two days and the night running is probably good practice, albeit a little late.

I spent the late afternoon collecting photos of some of my favorite places, one of which is the oldest bridge in Rome—Ponte Fabricius, built in 62 BC. Imagine the history that's trod across that bridge.

On the Campus Martius side of the bridge there are a couple of badly eroded Janus heads, which were installed in the 14th century. What a place this is. I'll surely miss it when I have to return home to shopping centers and driving wherever I want to go.

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