Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A new egocentric eruption.

4.5 miles in 34:08 (7:35 per mile)

and a late race report:
The Human Race 10K
31 August 2008
Finish Time: 43:35 (7:00 per mile)

What a mob scene. The race was fun but in retrospect it wasn't really a race, more like a cattle walk! There must have been tens of thousands at the starting line and Carl Lewis fired the gun here (I didn't realize he was so tall—probably 6'2"-6'3"). 

I figured I'd shoot for 7 minute miles because I haven't raced in a while and really had no idea where I stood. I threw in a mile at 6:24 last weekend toward the end of an 8-9 miler, so I figured I could handle 7:00 per mile in a 10K. The first 3K were a complete bust! I must have lost at least two minutes walking and jogging along at the beginning of the race.  I finally resigned myself to just conserve my energy, knowing things were bound to loosen up. Finally, at about 3K, it grew less congested.

It was a spectacular course, and that was admittedly a good reason to sign on: it began at the Baths of Caracalla, ran past the Palatine Hill, the Colosseum, Via Del Corso, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza Navona, Piazza Venezia, Teatro Marcello and finally into Circo Massimo for the finish. I finished in 43:35, EXACTLY on pace, yet totally by accident! So this means I could have done better and it gives me an idea of where I stand for the next one. In a couple of weeks I'm running with my new team here in Rome, a race called "12 x 1 Hour." Sounds whacky but each of 12 runners takes an hour on the 400m track (I am scheduled for the hour between 9:00-10:00 AM, for example) and the team with the greatest number of revolutions after 12 hours wins.

*   *   *

I think I'm calling the above painting "finished" for now. I made some changes to color—very subtle differences but more resolved. I'm tired and ready for bed.

My running is going well. My painting is going well. Everything seems to be going well for me these days.


dailyplanet314.wordpress.com said...

hey! rava rhymes with lava. glad you're feeling a good balance...

The Mute American said...

Danged if you ain't right.
As always.