Thursday, August 28, 2008

In progress

Calisthenics | Pushups
101 = {27 - 19- 15 - 15 - 25, with 90 sec rest between sets}

6.26 miles in 48:21 (7:43 per mile)

Ran to Villa Pamphili and back, throwing in a mile at 6:24 pace to test my race-readiness. Don't know if it's any proof, but it felt pretty good. I think I can handle 7:00 per mile on race day.

I'm working on a painting and, while it's already endured layer upon layer of edits due to my dissatisfaction with earlier efforts (it started as a b/w sketch I did on the train to Siena and soon evolved into a painting that didn't live it up to its initial promise) I wanted to preserve it in stages to get a sense of how my decisions evolve. I'll be posting a bit more later as it changes. We'll see. Perhaps everyone will be privy to the inexorable disintegration, I don't know.

We had a fine bookbinding workshop today, pulled together by two very bright and motivated students. What a good job they did. I bound a sketchbook but gave it to Grace.

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